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This “Bunny” Prefers Carp Over Carrots and Is Happy to Burrow into Your Bed!

Long, white whiskers, piercing green eyes and pointy ears—the perfect ingredients for a new furry friend who is sure to melt your heart! Senior cat Bunny is bound to hop into your life!

Bunny is a fun-loving gal living in the tri-state area who would love to enjoy her golden years with you! Her ideal home would be where she can always be her high-spirited self and get all the attention she deserves. She may be timid at first, but if you give her plenty of treats and lots of pets, she’ll make herself right at home.

While Bunny does love the company of her people, she has a strong independent side too! She’s perfectly content finding ways to keep herself busy while on her own. If you’re away during the day, Miss Bunny will happily play with mice toys or ping pong balls left for her. When you get home, she’ll scurry on over to greet you at the door with a big kitty “Hello, I missed you!” 

Once you apply, a Matchmaker can tell you more about Bunny’s medical needs. Children might be new for her, so our staff can help you determine if she is a good fit for your family and give you tips to help set her up for success in your home!

If you think Bunny is the perfect, bouncy addition to your home in the tri-state area, visit her profile to submit an application today!

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