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We’re Hoping that Love Is in the Air and These Two Cuties Will Find the Homes They Deserve!

This Sunday, April 23, is recognized as National Lovers Day, and we’ve got two adorable animals who are hoping that you’ll “swipe right” and give them loving homes in the tri-state area! Celebrate this springtime day of love by bringing home the potential love of your life and consider adopting a four-legged friend today!

Check out Marceline and Zagori’s profiles below to find out if it’s a match made in heaven!


About Me:

Hey there! I’m Marceline and I’ve been told that I’m always looking for love in the wrong places. So I’m giving online dating a try in the hopes that my special person sees me!

A few things about me: I’m a big foodie who doesn’t like sharing my fries, and I’d love long walks on the beach if you can drive us there. I’m serious about long-term relationships and I’m hoping to find someone to spend all my days with. I also need a slow start and would love to take some time to really get to know you. I also really hope you have a comfy couch to snuggle on!

What I’m looking for in a soulmate:

Someone I can lean on, who’s always ready to scratch my ears, is generous with treats and wants to hear all about my busy day moving from sunbeam to sunbeam as I looked for the perfect napping spot.

My idea of the perfect night in:

Having a nice meal and falling asleep on the couch while watching a movie with my favorite humans.

If you think our interests align and you’re ready to take the next step, check out my profile and then find the “Adopt Me” button!


About Me:

Hello! I’m Zagori and I’m single and ready to mingle—with my fellow cats, at least. I am working on my confidence with people though and would love to spend my days with someone who truly understands me! I like to take things slow because I am in it for the long run and looking for my soulmate.

What I’m looking for in a soulmate:

In a human soulmate I am definitely looking for someone who has another cat. That way, I’ll have a buddy who can help introduce me to the home and show me how to interact with their human. I learn the best from my fellow cat friends and through them, I’d learn how to best love you as my soulmate!

My ideal night in:

Chasing all my toy mice around until I run out of steam, then finding the closest, coziest spot to take a deep snooze.

My favorite hobbies: If you can believe it, bird watching is a hobby of mine! And my favorite color would have to be canary yellow!

If you’re ready to make it official and become roomies click on my profile and find the “Adopt Me” button!

If these two aren’t The Ones for you, your match could be waiting at our Adoption Center in NYC or at your local shelter! We also have more animals looking for love in Los Angeles, Asheville and Columbus!

If you’re not yet ready for long-term commitment just yet, consider fostering an animal in need in the New York City area, the Los Angeles Area, the Asheville, North Carolina area, the Columbus, Ohio area or your local shelter!

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