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Why cats and dogs may need their own COVID-19 vaccines

Cats and dogs may eventually need their own COVID-19 vaccines to prevent the coronavirus from evolving further and “spilling” back to humans, according to one group of researchers. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is known to infect a number of animals besides humans, including cats, dogs, minks, tigers and gorillas. However, at this time, […]

Health News

Why it’s too soon for Australia to legalize ecstasy and magic mushrooms to treat mental illness

While the public focus remains on COVID vaccines, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) continues to evaluate a range of proposals around the provision of medical treatments in Australia. The regulatory body is currently considering whether psychiatrists should be allowed to prescribe MDMA and psilocybin to treat mental illness. The TGA will announce its interim decision […]

Health News

Bioabsorbable adhesive sheet can close wounds in tissues and organs

NIMS has developed a surgical wound dressing sheet capable of closing wounds in wet biological tissues by simply being placed over a wound. This sheet also showed biodegradability during wound healing. In addition, this sheet demonstrated higher adhesion and biocompatibility compared to currently used surgical sealants while having the same level of wound healing efficacy. […]

Pet Care

Which Supplements and Vitamins Are Dangerous for Pets?

Many of us take vitamin or dietary supplements to keep our health in check, but these same supplements that can be helpful to us, may be dangerous or even fatal to our pets. Whether this is due to the ingredient we are looking to take or the inactive ingredients in the product, it is important […]