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The difference between physical and psychosocial stress

A sports stress test and psychosocial stress produce similar stress hormone increases. And yet, the first one is perceived as positive, the second one as negative. Researchers attempt to find out why. With a 15 percent incline on the treadmill, the exercise initially starts at a bearable speed; but every half minute the speed increases […]

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China says virus spreading between humans as WHO set to meet

China has confirmed human-to-human transmission in the outbreak of a new SARS-like virus as the number of cases soared and authorities Tuesday said a fourth person had died. The news came as the World Health Organization said it would consider declaring an international public health emergency over the outbreak. The coronavirus, which has spread to […]

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Generational study looks for biological links between adverse childhood experiences and self-harm

New research from the University of Bristol is the first to use a large generational family study to examine links between childhood trauma, the impact of inflammation and self-harm. Epidemiologists examined 4300 young people in Bristol’s Children of the 90s study to see if adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as experiencing abuse, witnessing domestic violence […]

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Link between paid employment and slower age-related memory decline

Over the past century, patterns of employment, marriage and parenthood have changed drastically for women across the Western World. In a study presented today at the Alzheimer’s Association Internal Conference 2019, researchers have explored how differences in life experiences affect later life memory decline. A team of researchers from the University of California looked at […]