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Couples who share a bed, sleep better

In most countries, couples share a bed. Studies, how this affects the quality of sleep, have so far come to conflicting results. A new study now shows that couples who sleep in the same bed, synchronize your stages of sleep and dreaming. Twelve young, healthy couples spent together, and separated for four nights in the […]

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Unhappy relationships: break-UPS can be worthwhile for both partners

Relationship problems: Sometimes a separation is the better solution If couples relationship problems, they get from friends and Acquaintances often well-intentioned advice, to help, to kitten the partnership again. But sometimes a separation is for people in an unhappy relationship is the better solution. Good advice is not often There is a crisis looming in […]

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This Is the Age Women Have The Most Orgasms

No doubt you’ve heard that Millennials are having way less sex than their parents, with social media stresses supposedly diminishing our desire. Well, we’re here to put that myth to bed. It’s totally not true – we simply have fewer orgasms. Online retailer Lovehoney surveyed hundreds of Aussies between the age of 18-70. They found […]

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15 Red Flags You're In A Co-Dependent Relationship

Being in a relationship means relying on each other on some level, but some couples can take it to an extreme level and end up being what’s known as codependent.  “A codependent relationship is unhealthy because instead of both people taking responsibility for their own feelings and actions, one partner is taking on those responsibilities for the […]

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6 Things You Should Never Say During A Break Up

So far, your breakup conversation is going great. You’ve managed to avoid clichés like “It’s not you, it’s me” and “I love you, I’m just not in love with you.” Nobody has cried yet, and you’re thinking you just might make it out of here without him bringing up the jewellery he just bought you, which you […]

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6 Ways To Take Shower Sex From Awkward To Awesome

Ah, shower sex. It looks great in movies, but in real life, it can be slippery, dangerous, uncomfortable, and all-around hard to actually pull off. Mood kill! Yet with the right tips, you can totally make your next attempt at shower sex hot as hell—and we don’t just mean the water temperature. Here, real men […]