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Couples who share a bed, sleep better

In most countries, couples share a bed. Studies, how this affects the quality of sleep, have so far come to conflicting results. A new study now shows that couples who sleep in the same bed, synchronize your stages of sleep and dreaming.

Twelve young, healthy couples spent together, and separated for four nights in the sleep laboratory. If you slept together, was the duration of REM sleep is longer and less interruptions embossed, as if they slept separately. This, the researchers report in the journal "Frontiers". The REM sleep associated with rapid eye movements and vivid Dreaming, is of particular importance because it is with the emotional stability, memory, social interactions and the ability to creative problem solving in the context.

The closer the relationship, the more synchronous the phases of sleep

The Team observed that couples synchronize their sleep patterns when they share the bed, but this had nothing to do with mutual interference. This synchronization was positively associated with relationship depth: the higher the participants would work out the meaning of your relationship in your life, the stronger the sleep-synchronization with the Partner. The researchers assume that there is a positive feedback loop: The co-Sleep enhances and stabilizes REM sleep, which has a positive effect on the social interactions and emotional Stress reduced.

Couples who slept together, moved in sleep. These movements did not disturb the sleep, however. Dr. Henning John Drews, from the centre for Integrative psychiatry in Lübeck, Germany, said: "You could say that your body is the common Sleep a little restless, your brain, however."