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The Surprising Ways Quarantine Is Messing With Your Body

If you think that spending hours sitting at home alone on the computer and/or staring at your TV or phone screen (in addition to experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress) during quarantine has not affected you, think again. COVID-19 has not only distorted our perception of time by destroying our “temporal cues” (via WebMD), but […]

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Wives bore the brunt of child care during the shutdown

Traditional gendered patterns of child care persisted during the COVID-19 shutdown, with more than a third of couples relying on women to provide most or all of it, according to a study from University of Georgia researcher Kristen Shockley. Some previous research has found that typical familial patterns may get upended during crises, but that’s […]

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Scientists paint multi-color atlas of the brain

The human brain contains approximately 86 billion neurons, or nerve cells, woven together by an estimated 100 trillion connections, or synapses. Each cell has a role that helps us to move muscles, process our environment, form memories, and much more. Given the huge number of neurons and connections, there is still much we don’t know […]

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Advancing the study of T cells to improve immunotherapy

UT Southwestern scientists have developed a new method to study the molecular characteristics of T cells, critical immune cells that recognize and attack invaders in the body such as viruses, bacteria, and cancer. The approach, described today in the journal Nature Methods, enables researchers to more easily analyze the roles of T cell receptors (TCRs)—the […]

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From gummies to a tracker app, which is the best for IBS?

Boost your gut feeling: From a tummy massager to gummies and a tracker app, which is the best for IBS? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects one in ten adults in the UK, causing bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and cramps. There is no one cause — which is why it’s notoriously difficult to treat — but triggers […]

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Twin Time! See the Zolciak-Biermann Family Through the Years

Always growing and changing! Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s family has expanded and morphed in front of the public’s eyes as they appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and spinoff Don’t Be Tardy. Former ‘RHOA’ Stars: Where Are They Now? Kim and husband Kroy Biermann, who is seven years her junior, are parents of sons Kroy Jr., Kash and Kane […]