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Gluten Free Diet: Foods to Avoid vs. Safe Foods

What foods do I avoid on the gluten–free diet? Following a gluten-free diet means you should remove all foods that have gluten from your diet. Foods that contain gluten are “red–light foods” for anyone with celiac disease. Ways to get rid of “red-light foods” from your diet: Remove grains that contain gluten from your diet. […]

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Diets ‘devoid of vegetable matter’ may cause colon cancer

Researchers from the Francis Crick Institute in London, United Kingdom, found that keeping mice on a diet rich in a compound known as indole-3-carbinol (I3C) — which comes from such vegetables — prevented the animals’ intestines from becoming inflamed and developing colon cancer. They report the study in a paper now published in the journal […]

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Young women are lacking vital nutrients because of trendy diets

Revealed: Young women are lacking vital nutrients such as potassium and copper because of trendy diets Women in 20s and 30s in particular are deficient in iron, calcium and iodine Researchers blame fad ‘exclusion’ diets in which entire food groups are cut Experts worry diet crazes leave followers neurotic and confused about food Increasing numbers […]