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Old records shed new light on smallpox outbreaks in 1700s

A highly contagious disease originating far from America’s shores triggers deadly outbreaks that spread rapidly, infecting the masses. Shots are available, but a divided public agonizes over getting jabbed. Sound familiar? Newly digitized records—including a minister’s diary scanned and posted online by Boston’s Congregational Library and Archives—are shedding fresh light on devastating outbreaks of smallpox […]

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Warnings on the dangers of screen time are ill founded

University researchers have carried out the largest systematic review and meta-analysis to date of how people’s perceptions of their screen time compare with what they do in practice, finding estimates of usage were only accurate in about five per cent of studies. The international team say this casts doubt on the validity of research on […]

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Therapy on ecstasy could treat severe PTSD

MDMA-assisted therapy is safe and effective for the treatment of people with severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a phase 3 clinical trial published in Nature Medicine. This study was granted an FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation and provides a new treatment option for people who suffer from PTSD. Selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors are the FDA-approved […]

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Pippa Middleton Was Focused on 'Confidence' With Her Pregnancy Workouts

Staying in shape! Personal trainer Ashley Verma broke down the key focus of Pippa Middleton‘s past pregnancy workout routine. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews’ Relationship Timeline “She just wanted to feel like she was doing everything safely, feeling confident in her body as it changed,” Verma, the founder of London’s leading Barre studio, told Us […]

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COVID vaccine-makers largely protected on side effects

Pharmaceutical companies making COVID vaccines are largely protected legally in the event of harmful side effects, like blood clots that have been linked to jabs from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. However while some governments will pay compensation due to sufferers, others assume it is the responsibility of the companies even after drugs agencies back […]

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When does a bruise on an infant or young child signal abuse?

Bruising caused by physical abuse is the most common injury to be overlooked or misdiagnosed as non-abusive before an abuse-related fatality or near-fatality in a young child. A refined and validated bruising clinical decision rule (BCDR), called TEN-4-FACESp, which specifies body regions on which bruising is likely due to abuse for infants and young children, […]