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Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Fact: when done correctly, lash extensions shouldn’t ruin your natural lashes. If you’re considering trying out the fuller-fringe trend, protect your assets with these tips from top technicians…


Pick the right salon

Like most things in life, the more you practice you have, the better you get. And as eyelash extensions are such a fiddly, delicate procedure, it’s important to see someone who really knows what they are doing. Charlotte Creasey, owner of Sydney’s Lady Lash recommends choosing a specialised lash salon. “We do a few hundred eyelash extension treatments every week and have come across just about every kind of natural lash scenario there is. Because lashes are all we concentrate on, we are continually updating our training and knowledge in this field to stay on top of new developments in products and techniques.”

Verify the technique

Several application mistakes can sabotage your lashes—both fake and real. Most important, synthetic lashes should attach to only one natural lash. Confirm that the lash artist will apply extensions to only one lash at a time, so your natural lashes can grow, rest, and shed as they normally would. A well-trained technician should go easy on the glue: “Damage happens when too much adhesive is used, causing the lashes to clump,” and when one lash sheds, it takes others with it, warns Courtney Buhler, CEO and founder of Sugarlash.

Make it personal

While the false lashes you can pickup at Sephora are one-size-fits-all, extensions are a custom job. “We never apply the same set of lash extensions twice,” says Buhler. There are several types, and they come in varying thicknesses and shapes. The technician should know which ones to use based on the look you’re after, Buhler says. Do you want to add length or curl? Fill in a sparse fringe? Or go full diva glam? The technician should also evaluate your facial structure, brow bones, and natural lash base before getting started. “A trained lash artist will know what’s right for your bone structure and what your natural lashes can handle as far as length and weight,” says Buhler. Getting a variety of lash lengths will ensure that your fringe continues looking natural as it grows out.

Do the maintenance

While each extension brand has its own protocol, most recommend grooming twice daily with a clean mascara spoolie. Spin the wand through lashes to remove dust, debris, and pollen and keep them from getting tangled. You may also need to wash your lashes daily with an oil free cleanser to remove makeup and bacteria and condition your lashes. Never pick, pull, or twist your extensions, and try not to sleep with your face smashed into your pillow because the friction can weaken the bonds and cause lashes to fall out more quickly. If you’re careful, you can plan on rocking your new look for six to eight weeks.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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