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Coronavirus kills 210 in Iran: BBC Persian report

Credit: CC0 Public Domain At least 210 people have died in Iran from the new coronavirus, BBC Persian reported Friday citing unnamed sources in the Islamic republic’s health system, promoting an angry denial from a health ministry spokesman. Most of the people died in the capital Tehran and the holy city of Qom in central […]

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Stanford Medicine’s 2020 Health Trends Report spotlights the rise of the data-driven physician

In a health care sector now awash with data and digital technologies, physicians are actively preparing for the transformation of patient care, according to the 2020 Health Trends Report published today by Stanford Medicine. Stanford Medicine’s 2020 Health Trends Report once again documents key trends steering the industry’s future, including a maturing digital health market, […]

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AI’s future potential hinges on consensus: NAM report

The role of artificial intelligence, or machine learning, will be pivotal as the industry wrestles with a gargantuan amount of data that could improve—or muddle—health and cost priorities, according to a National Academy of Medicine Special Publication on the use of AI in health care. Yet, the current explosion of investment and development is happening […]

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New report shows dramatic health benefits following air pollution reduction

Reductions in air pollution yielded fast and dramatic impacts on health-outcomes, as well as decreases in all-cause morbidity, according to findings in “Health Benefits of Air Pollution Reduction,” new research published in the American Thoracic Society’s journal, Annals of the American Thoracic Society. The study by the Environmental Committee of the Forum of International Respiratory […]

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‘Superbugs’ on the rise, new CDC report says

Six years after a federal government warning that lifesaving antibiotics were losing their punch, a new update Wednesday revealed that the problem of antibiotic-resistant infections is, by some measures, getting worse. More than 2.8 million people become infected with drug-resistant bacteria and fungi each year, and at least 35,900 die as a result, the U.S. […]

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Four studies report on key issues in preventing gun violence

Three research studies by the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program (VPRP) provide new data and report on current strategies and future efforts that can further reduce firearm-related injury and death. A fourth study, accepted for publication and expected to post online the week of Oct. 7 in the journal Injury Prevention, identifies five distinct […]

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Medical residents report widespread sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in academic medicine is widespread and prevalent with female residents in surgery and internal medicine reporting the highest rates and those in pediatrics reporting the lowest, a new study finds. In research published online earlier this year in the American Journal of Medicine, physician and medical researcher Linda Pololi and several colleagues reported […]