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How much do our genes restrict free will?

Many of us believe we are masters of own destiny, but new research is revealing the extent to which our behavior is influenced by our genes. It’s now possible to decipher our individual genetic code, the sequence of 3.2 billion DNA “letters” unique to each of us, that forms a blueprint for our brains and […]

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CDC will again post COVID-19 hospitalization data

(HealthDay)—In a quick policy reversal, the Trump administration on Thursday told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to once again post data about COVID-19 hospitalizations on its website. Earlier in the week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ordered the CDC to stop posting the data because it was doing so […]

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Britons evacuated from Wuhan will be held in Milton Keynes

Britons on Sunday evacuation flight from coronavirus-hit Wuhan will be held in isolation at a Milton Keynes conference centre for 14 days – as government ‘plans China travel ban in a week’ Around 150 Britons being flown back from the coronavirus-hit city of Wuhan on Sunday will be quarantined  South Central Ambulance Service said that […]

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New AI System Can Accurately Predict How Long A Patient Will Live

Artificial intelligence has made leaps and bounds in medical science, helping doctors perform the most complex surgeries with greater accuracy than ever before. Now, as startling as it may sound, a new algorithm has been developed by researchers of Stanford University which can assess the correct time of demise of patients who are admitted to […]

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These Serious Winter Clothes Will Keep Kids Warm Mid-Blizzard

‘Tis the season for shorter days, freezing temps and, if you’re lucky, snowball fights! Winter calls for nights spent huddled around the fireplace and days frolicking in the frigid fields (or something). And with it comes a particularly tricky challenge for parents: how to keep kids active, warm, comfortable and dry as they continue to […]

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Michigan will spray in fight against deadly mosquito virus

Michigan and local health departments will conduct aerial spraying for the first time since 1980 to combat a rare mosquito-borne virus that has killed three people and been recorded across the southern half of the state. The aerial spraying is set to begin Sunday and will include 14 counties where eastern equine encephalitis has been […]