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Researchers succeed with a more inclusive approach to heart transplants

Doctors at Yale New Haven Hospital used a more aggressive selection process to more than quadruple the number of heart transplants performed there while maintaining positive patient outcomes, according to a new study. The findings suggest that a more inclusive approach to selecting donor hearts and transplant recipients can enable hospitals to successfully treat more […]

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ICE Detention Center Allegedly Forced Hysterectomies on Women Detainees: 'It Was Like They’re Experimenting With Our Bodies'

A nurse at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Ocilla, Georgia, is speaking out about high rates of hysterectomies being performed on immigrant women under custody, allegedly without their full knowledge and consent. The accusation came to light in a whistleblower complaint filed on Monday. Human rights and immigration advocacy groups filed […]

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New research connects the hormones we’re born with to lifetime risk for immunological diseases

Differences in biological sex can dictate lifelong disease patterns, says a new study by Michigan State University researchers that links connections between specific hormones present before and after birth with immune response and lifelong immunological disease development. Published in the most recent edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study answers […]

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Many MS patients struggle with finances, forgo treatments

(HealthDay)—More than three-quarters of Americans with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience financial difficulties that often prevent them from getting treatment, new research claims. “Our study results demonstrate the high prevalence of financial toxicity for MS patients and the resulting decisions patients make that impact their health care and lifestyle,” said study author Dr. Gelareh Sadigh, an […]