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Bec Judd Reveals She’s Worried About Her 3-Year-Old’s Body Image

Model-turned-radio-host Rebecca Judd has opened up about concerns her daughter Billie is already developing low self-esteem and body image issues.

Speaking on her radio show, The 3pm Pick Up, she revealed, “all of a sudden [Billie] has started caring about her appearance so much. It’s really scary.”

“I don’t know where it’s come from because at home, I wear active wear pretty much, sneakers, chuck my hair up and barely put on any make-up.”

Judd is as famed for her stop-traffic selfies and #OOTD Instagram posts as she is for her husband, AFL player Chris Judd, but says her daughter isn’t exposed to her glamorous lifestyle as she doesn’t watch TV and isn’t on social media.

On the show, Judd recounted how on a recent family holiday, three-year-old Billie refused to go out for dinner because she didn’t think she was pretty enough.

“We were just about to walk out the door she goes, ‘oh mum, I can’t go out for dinner, you look far more beautiful than me,’” Judd recalled.

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She also detailed how Billie hates her curly hair and “screams at the mirror” as she tries to brush it straight.

“I said, ‘Billie, what are you doing, just let it go babe you’ve got curly hair,’ and she says, ‘Mummy I don’t like me hair, I want straight hair like you,’” Judd says.

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