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Covid-19-patient: the Test-the Chaos was over, I was already healthy again

After a weekend of skiing in Ischgl is the first symptoms of the disease show up at Sarah. Three days later, she learns that other skiers with whom she was traveling, had been on the Coronavirus tested. Sarah H. is trying to also test – but this is more difficult than I thought.

The first symptoms of the disease occur quickly in the case of Sarah H. (Name changed) from Munich. With a friend, she was skiing last weekend, three days in Ischgl. Also with five, six other people from Baden-Württemberg, which they had met there, were you and the girlfriend on the road a lot, as she told in an interview with FOCUS Online.

On Sunday, Sarah H. comes back to Munich. On Monday, the first signs of the disease at the young woman. Seriously it takes the "Erkältung" first of all, not, she pushes on the Ski weekend. Nevertheless, it remains the next day at home.

"But when the health Department was on the whole time besetzt"

“Tuesday it was worse,” explains the 31-Year-old. “I had a fever, body aches, headache, cough and no appetite.” Her friend, who was on a skiing holiday, is also rapidly signs of the disease, as most of the others from the Ischgl-group.

“On Wednesday we had the Info about the first positive Tests of our well-Known,” says Sarah H., “and then it went off.”

The young woman tried to get the number of the medical on-call service 116117 an opportunity to take the test. “We have also tried on the number from the health Department to contact, but there was all the time occupied.” Also in the 116117, you will not come through. Only an answering machine answers the phone.

“At some point one has no patience, that was a disaster,” says the Munich. You tried it with the Corona-Hotline from the district administration unit (KVR), Munich. There they told her she had it more on the 116117 or the health Department to try.


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“It is unbelievable, it is simply lost.”

“It was very devastating, because you could not help me there also. They told me: If you had contact with an Infected, then this Person gives the health Department and then they will contact you.“ The Problem: The well-Known had met Sarah and her friend only at the weekend and neither a full name and a complete address. “We are glad that we have exchanged phone numbers.”

An E-Mail to Sarah H. and her friend by letter to the competent authority. A response until Friday to wait.

“I was annoyed really. All the criteria were met. We were in contact with several people who have tested positive and we had a little bit of symptoms,“ says the Munich. You and your girlfriend would have expected that they were also infected with the Coronavirus. Nevertheless, they wanted to know it exactly and know how you should behave now. “It is unbelievable, it is simply lost.”

"Had to to the window klopfen": House doctor tests on the terrace

On Thursday, the two women from Munich are in luck. While the in-house doctor, and your friend refers you back to the health Department, the women at the in-house doctor, Sarah H. over.

This tests you on the terrace, so that the Corona-cases of suspicion should not enter the practice. “We had to knock at the window, the Doctor is with a Mouth guard, with Filter, with a disposable coat and gloves come out.” With the swab they have taken samples of the mouth and nose. The health card were handed to the patients before the doctor’s assistant. The had passed out, according to Sarah, only the Hand with disinfectant wipes and the card will be accepted.

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    Friday morning before eight o’clock the two young women from Munich, got a call from the house doctor. The result is positive. In addition, the Doctor is the note that will report to the health office.

    The state of health of Sarah H. has improved by then already: “for Me, it is much better, I have no body aches, no more headaches. What I do notice: When I breathe in deep, pressure on the chest.“ The other Concerned the ski group it is, on the Whole, better, reports Sarah H.

    Now the young woman is waiting for the call from the health Department. “I already have a couple of questions about how I should conduct myself. But now the game goes on, it has been reported to no one,“ says Sarah H. 17 PM on Friday (13.3) in an interview with FOCUS Online.

    As long as the Coronavirus on surfaces and in the air survived