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Hilary Duff's Barefaced Selfie Is Inspiring Us To Go Makeup Free

While some of us can’t be bothered to wipe of our plethora of beauty products at the end of a long hard day, there are some genius skincare wizards out there who bypass the whole annoying process by skipping the makeup altogether. Hilary Duff is one such individual.

The actress has inspired us to go makeup free this week, and it’s all thanks to this carefree Insta post.

“Night night. Didn’t wear make up today … felt so good. Hope everyone had a healthy happy 4th ❤️” she captioned the effortless snap.

She looks so comfortable and – most importantly – she looks like she didn’t just waste twenty minutes scrubbing micellar soaked pads over her face, or cleansing dramatically.

Let’s all take a leaf out of Hil’s book, and ditch the products in the name of laziness… we mean, good skincare.

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