Personal Health

Dating Is Better During Quarantine, and It Doesn't Have to Change

Before COVID-19, Vaneet’s dating life was “pretty much non-existent.” “Asking people out IRL only led to rejection,” the 28-year-old says. “Apps were just a constant stream of being ghosted. It was exhausting, and I practically gave up dating.” While most of us have been going through unbearable dry spells and deeply missing human touch, Vaneet […]

Kids Health

The reason Target’s $10 million donation is so important

A high profile name has come forward to pledge financial support not just to groups working towards social justice, but also to help rebuild Minnesota’s riot-torn Twin Cities. Target, whose headquarters is in Minneapolis, has announced that it will support its long-standing partners like the National Urban League and the African American Leadership Forum. They […]

Health News

New human-mouse chimera is the most human yet

A newly-created mouse-human embryo contains up to 4% human cells — the most human cells yet of any chimera, or an organism made of two different sets of DNA. Surprisingly, those human cells could learn from the mouse cells and develop faster — at the pace of a mouse embryo rather than a more slowly […]