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13 Crazy Sex Positions That Have Been Missing From Your Life

You’ve mastered missionary and you’ve done it doggy style, like, a bazillion times already. Bring on the next position challenge, please! Instead of resorting to your go-to moves tonight, whip out one of these ambitious (and almost unbelievable) sex positions for an orgasm you’ve never, ever, experienced before.


This is the only “ex” you’ll be glad to run into. Also known as the “Crisscross,” this crazy sex position requires slow, intimate movement. Just lie back and have your partner sit facing you, with your legs crossing over each other to form an X (see what we did there?). Help him go deeper by holding his hands as he thrusts.


Fair warning: Your neck may get a cramp, but for a great orgasm, it’s worth the risk. Plus, this seemingly weird sex position lets him penetrate even deeper for an awesome sensation. Just tell him to go easy on the thrusts to avoid too much pressure on your upper body.


While you can definitely use food during foreplay, that’s not what we’re talking about here. As your partner is kneeling over you, wrap one leg around his waist while the other leg rests under his butt. This allows for deep, powerful thrusts, but at a sideways angle that feels totally different.


Sure, it resembles the crab walk, but in the sexiest way possible. Your pelvis should be above his while your legs bend to the side of his body. Since you’re both controlling the movements, you can rock back and forth to get into a crazy-satisfying rhythm.


If you like the Spoon sex position, you’ll love the Spork. Instead of you both lying on your sides, you’ll stay flat on your back while your guy positions his body at a 90-degree angle in between your legs. He gets to take the reins on this one, and he’ll be rewarded with an awesome view of your body—especially your face. (Crazy yet intimate—does it really get better than that?) Plus, your hands are free to explore your other erogenous zones.


Don’t let the ethereal name fool you—this move will definitely make you feel totally naughty. It’s basically missionary position with an upside-down twist. Once you’ve aligned yourselves, grab his butt to help control the thrusts.


Warning: This is not for beginners! Think of this as downward dog with even better benefits. It might help to first get into the downward dog yoga position, then have your partner grab your legs so you can wrap them around his waist. You may only be able to stay in this position for a little bit (hello, arm workout), but we promise it’ll be an experience you’ll remember.


Yet another way to use that stability ball. This is similar to reverse cowgirl—except you’re both balancing on a workout ball. Since you’re on top, you maintain control of the movements, which can be faster and deeper, thanks to the extra buoyancy from the exercise tool.


Okay, now it’s his turn to experience the head rush. For this variation of girl on top, have your partner lay off the edge of bed while you hop on top. You’ll both love your views and the fact that you’re totally in control.


So you’re probably thinking, “wait…how?” But here’s how this one’s done: Have your partner enter you from missionary position, then slide his legs and chest off your body so his limbs form an “X” with yours. Why attempt this one? Well, due to the nature of this position, you’ll feel more of your partner’s body in motion. Plus, you can always reach down to offer a little butt or leg massage while he thrusts.


Similar to the spider, this head-to-toe position is a great opp to have a full view of each other’s bodies. Simply have your partner sit with his legs straight, and then you sit on top of him with bent knees over his thighs. Then, you both lean back and let the pleasure commence. Pro tip: Lean back farther to help this position really hit your G-spot, and have your partner rub your clit at the same time. Blended orgasm, anyone?


Hop onto your bed, kitchen counter, bathroom sink—really any surface you happen to be near in the heat of the moment. Then, bring your knees together and twist to one side. Have your partner enter you from this position. This one puts you two at the same level (which is especially great if you’re different heights).


This one may not seem quite as WTF-worthy as the others on this list, but let’s just say the orgasm result is beyond wild and crazy. The magic here is all in the pillow, placed strategically under your butt. Doing so raises your pelvis to allow a guy to orally stimulate you in the best way possible. (Find more amazing ways to spice up oral sex here.)

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US.

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