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Couples Date For 17 Months Before Moving In Together

So you’ve been dating for a year and wondering when you’ll start spending your Saturdays at home opens? Errr, yay!? The website Bridebook surveyed 4,000 recently married couples about how long they dated for before moving in together and the results were interesting.

On average, couples dated for 17 months before moving in together. They a lived together for 22 months before getting engaged and were then engaged for 20 months before getting married. This is a total of 4.9 years from first date to just married.

With 3.5 years of living together before tying the knot, it’s surely enough time to know if your partner has any unfortunate habits before you lock it in officially. Beard hairs ALL over the bathroom sink, anyone?

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Getting clucky? The survey also revealed that 46% of couples have a child within 2 years of getting married. Just enough to save up again after the bank account drain that is a wedding. 

Oh, and a reassuring takeaway from the research was that 95% of the couples surveyed recommended getting married. Looks like the beard hairs or toilet seat wars weren’t an issue. 

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