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Not only Wilke: the Ministry published the list with other relevant brands

The scandal of the North Hessian meat and sausage producer attracts more and more circles. As it turned out, his products are found in more products than previously thought. FOCUS Online explains can put that brand name in reality products of the company Wilke.

The bad news to the North Hessian sausage manufacturer Wilke’t tear-off: After two deaths were in the South of Hesse with the consumption of sausage pizza and salami from the group – according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the connection to 99.6% likely – to be more and more Details of the meat – and sausage were known to the manufacturer.

All of the sausages were of the group called back

In a press release, the manufacturer Wilke called on 2. October even on, from the consumption of all the operations made Were in sight. They are recognizable by the unique identification mark “DE EV 203 of the EC”. The Goods, however, were placed in a loose Form, for example, sausage counters in supermarkets, canteens and community facilities.

A complete list of the more than 1000 affected products has the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, published here. Due to the large influx of people on the Server can cause delays when Loading the document.

So, it is now known that the furniture giant had used Ikea products from Wilke staff and guests in canteens. This had been pulled in the meantime from the traffic. A Cologne hospital fell into disrepute after it spent despite the on Wednesday were recall on a public holiday, continue to Wilke-products to his patients.

Wilke-employees applied completely – for him, the Situation is quite different

FOCUS Online/Wochit Wilke staff completely applied to him presents a very different Situation is

Products were also sold under other names

Also, the initial Information, the products from the operation would not be sold under a different name, now puts multiple resistance. A spokeswoman for the Metro group reported that some of the derived meat products sold under the names of the own-brand “Aro”, from the Wilke group. This had, however, been already removed prior to the recall from the shelves.

Consumer organizations and the organization “food watch” show, in particular, the extent of the scandal outraged and have been asking the past week, the publication of a list that shows all the sales opportunities.

Aro, Comino and co.: What is the brand name and dealers are known so far

Manufacturer Wilke, who now had to close its production halls and the bankruptcy has not requested, not complied with the request so far. But consumers and retailers have discovered the products in various brands and sold call. So a warning to according to ““ and the Hessian Ministry for the environment, the following products will be affected, the Wilke-products included, but a different name:

  • House at the Eichfeld
  • Metro Chief
  • Service Federal “Servisa”
  • Casa
  • Pickosta
  • Sander Gourmet
  • Rohloff Manufactory
  • The point of intersection of
  • Korbach
  • Aro
  • Find
  • Domino
  • Wilke

To note is that these marks are only affected if they carry the identification mark “DE EV 203 of the EC”. The list was confirmed on Monday by consumer Minister Priska Hinz (Green).

A wholesaler that had Wilke-products in the range:

  • Sausage Dealer Hans Kremers GmbH-Large
  • Metro, Germany
  • Grapo GmbH – Catering Supplies
  • SB Union wholesale market GmbH / Edeka food service
  • Domino Gastro e. G.
  • Igro-Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG
  • Service-Federal

In addition, there had been to buy according to the website of gift baskets at Amazon, the have included products of the company Wilke.

Products may contain Listeria

In addition to the two death cases, there are now about 40 reported cases of the disease should be related to the consumption of Goods of the company Wilke. You should be due to contamination with Listeria. The bacteria, which can lead to diarrhea and fever. They are found mainly in animal products such as cheese and sausage and is valid for healthy people as harmless. For the Elderly, Sick, babies or Pregnant women, you can be life-threatening.

Click here to read all the Listeria case, in the case of Wilke:

  • The veterinary office of the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, the company Wilke sausage were closed in Twistetal-Berndorf. Reason two deaths, of the products of the company in connection are. Now, the company has filed for bankruptcy. Read the further developments zumWurst scandal in the state of Hesse in the news Ticker.
  • “I’m disappointed humanly deeply” – Boss in hiding, salary was not paid: The employee say to the Wilke-the end of days is full of horror stories for the meat and sausage factory Wilke in Twistetal-Berndorf (Hessen), there is a ghostly silence on the production site and the huge Parking lot. On Monday afternoon, employees find themselves there again.

Disgusting pictures show the dramatic hygiene conditions in the meat plant, Wilke

FOCUS Online/Wochit disgust images show the dramatic hygiene conditions in the meat plant, Wilke