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Psycho-therapies are in the future only for selected people available?

A new lower court should clarify the therapy means-

Who wanted to do psychotherapy, has quickly identified: to get A place at a therapist’s, is anything but simple. The waiting lists are long and spaces are limited. New places can be but are often not created, because the number of authorisations is limited for psychotherapists. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn wants to change this Situation – but not so, as many have imagined. Instead of creating more courts, he would like to reduce by a lower court, the number of treatment seekers.

Minister of health, Spahn turned on 26. September a draft law to guarantee better care for the mentally Ill. The so-called appointment service and supply act (TSVG) is to introduce a stepped control of the mentally ill people. In a medical examination should then choose a qualified physician, whether the Patient actually needs psychotherapy. For the mentally Ill, however, this represents a further hurdle on the way to therapy, criticise the opponents of the draft.

The Good to come to the Töpfen… and the Bad?

The Federal Association of contract psychotherapists, the German psychotherapists Association and the Association of Analytical child and adolescent psychotherapists responded with fierce criticism and try currently a Petition against the TSVG to obtain. “Such a selection before a treatment can be taken in claim, undermines the free access to medical or psychological psychotherapists,” emphasize the associations in the petition text.

A new hurdles for the mentally Ill?

This bill would discriminate against a whole group of patients, so the merger. The mentally Ill had already grappling with the high emotional and shame-occupied stresses. This would have to be discussed according to the new law, in addition, a further, not self-selected doctor. “Mentally, a hurdles race is expected to accept the sick, the burdened you unnecessarily, and compared to other patient groups at a disadvantage,” write the authors of the Petition.

Specialists feel discriminated against

As the Petition shows, also feel the psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Because the bill will be sent to you indirectly, that you are able to make such assessments themselves. “A psychotherapist working part-time as Doctors and psychological psychotherapists have, due to their expertise and authorisation, all of the qualifications for the diagnosis, indication and treatment planning,” write the petition’s authors.

Supply studies demonstrate the therapy sequence

The associations rely on several independent supply studies, which show that psycho-therapies in Germany achieve great success with high satisfaction of the patients. “The intended new regulation can only be as the unjustified attempt at a rationing of treatment services seen,” concluded the Association.

Health Minister defended his plans

On Wednesday, the 12. December the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, defended his plans for a reorganisation of psychotherapy to the public broadcaster ARD. “Today, it is not still so, in spite of all the measures of the last few years, that Ill get about with Depression that are in need of urgent treatment, this too often and wait a long time,” said Spahn of the transmitter. For this reason, he wanted to. by the Set control and coordinate, so that really Sick people could get treatment An intermediate report to the emergency assessment he consider to be an appropriate Instrument.

Spahn: the More the therapist can’t solve the Problem

According to the Minister of health, the use of more psychotherapists will not solve the Problem. As his Team did on the date service is found, the record for the longest waiting times for treatment in the areas where there is most of the psychotherapists. “This shows that something is working in the controller as it should,” says Spahn. He stressed that he had experienced a case of mental illness in the family, and the quick and good care of the mentally ill is particularly important. (vb)