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Shoppers love ‘amazing’ supplements that transform hair in one month

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Shoppers are swearing by hair supplements that they insist ‘transforms’ their hair within just a month – and shoppers can get 20% off when they sign up to a subscription.

JSHealth Vitamins’ Hair & Energy supplements have shoppers swearing that their hair grows faster and fuller with results kicking in from the very first month. Shoppers aren’t wasting any time in signing up for subscriptions after seeing such impressive results, with their hair being much more ‘soft, silky and shiny’ within just 30 days.

JSHealth Vitamins Hair + Energy Supplements

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The Hair + Energy formula contains Iodine from our signature type of JSHealth Kelp™, exclusive to JSHealth Vitamins, which is proven to support hair growth. The best-selling supplement is also said to boost energy levels and help maintain hair, nails and skin health.

The capsules are vegan friendly and gluten-free which makes them suitable for a wide range of shoppers. They contain Iodine which helps regulate metabolism and energy production, allowing you to keep your energy levels high all day long.

But it’s not just the boost in energy that is making the product popular, the ‘amazing’ capsules contain JSHealth Kelp™, exclusive to JSHealth Vitamins, which is proven to support hair growth as well as Zinc which is used to help maintain normal healthy hair, skin and nails.

Shoppers are swearing that the results were better than they ever expected, with a number of five-star reviews it’s no surprise that they’re popular.

One shopper wrote: “One month in my hair is noticeably soft, silky and shiny and I have noticed almost an inch worth of growth from where my balayage has grown out.”

A second penned: “It works. I would never wear my hair in a ponytail as my hair was so sparse round the sides and you could see scalp! After two months of taking these daily it’s filled in and I actually feel more confident… I don’t know how they work but I don’t care… they work!”

A third said: “I love these so much! they’ve made my hair grow so much faster and it has transformed the ends of my hair from being so brittle.”

A fourth added: “Amazing ! My hair is thicker and healthier than ever before, I feel like I have tonnes more energy. The supplement works I have taken so many vitamins before and never had results like this.”

A fifth wrote: “I’ve been using the hair and energy tablets for 2 months now and can’t believe the difference! It feels much healthier, softer and thicker and I’ve managed to actually grow past my shoulders for the first time in 2 years!!”

You can buy JSHealth Vitamins’ Hair & Energy supplements here from just £15.99.

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