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The Benefits of a Weekly Face Mask In Your Skincare Routine

It’s the latest beauty trend that you see everywhere. Not only is your Instagram feed filled with sheet mask selfies but celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid swear by it but what are the benefits of looking like a character from a horror show for 15 minutes.

A facial mask is one of the easiest ways to get your skin healthy and supple by doing virtually nothing. They are a concentrated focused treatment that will have your skin feeling refreshed in next to no time.


Masks offer a deeper cleanse than your daily cleanser (without all the hard work!). The intensive process gets deep into your pores clearing them of dead skin cells, dirt and oil. This process is what leaves you with that post-mask glow.


Regular masks is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to flawless skin. They help remove dirt and bacteria from your skin. Choose a mask to suit your skin type, if you are prone to oily skin look for clay-based Masks, these will help draw out excess oils and dirt but also tighten your pores. Dry skin types should look for a mask that focuses on hydration.


Make the most of your mask and look for one that will not only hydrate but has other benefits. Elizabeth Arden’s Superstart Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask not only has glycerine and sodium hyaluronate to help hydrate the skin but is formulated with a probiotic complex to optimize your skin’s microflora and natural defences. The result smoother, more youthful-looking skin.


Let’s be honest skincare can often be seen as a chore but turn that frown upside down and make it something that you look forward to every week. So don’t roll your eyes when you see the time required for a facemask (generally 15-20 minutes). Switch off, relax and use this time to appreciate some time out.

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