Health Problems

I’m 13 and have Bipolar disorder, Social Anxiety, and ADHD. Will life change more during puberty?

I’m already weird, I like heavy metal, video games, anime, and reading, but that’s all! I’m scared I might change more than I need to, and I just know this will stink! I can’t ask anyone because well, they might think I’m stupid. I’m really frightened I’ll embarrass my parents, or worse, disappoint them. Sorry for ranting, I tend to do that when I’m anxious.

You are at an age when many kids have big problems but many get much better as they get older. It may take a while but in your middle teen years, there is a pretty good chance that you will feel better and calmer. Your brain is still growing and developing and you will be able to figure out things that seem impossible now. Getting help from a counselor or therapist is a very important part of feeling better soon. If you are not seeing a counselor or therapist, tell your parent(s) or guardian or another trusted adult that you want to.

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