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Lake Bell Says Working Moms Need Weed Not Wine

Actor, director and entrepreneur Lake Bell is just fine with California’s Jan. 1 legalization of marijuana. In fact, Bell will opt for weed over wine any evening after a hard day on the set.

“As a parent I think pot’s almost better than a glass of wine,” Bell told MedMen’s Ember magazine. (Ember is a new cannabis-themed mag from the team at Paper.) “Just the time it takes to get the wine and open the wine and find the glass, pour the wine, chill the wine. With a vape, you take a hit and you’re good, you know. Much better for a working parent.”

Not everyone in Hollywood is so upfront about their affection for marijuana, but Bell’s always managed her career and her life her own way. Lake and husband Scott Campbell — a tattoo artist — are so fond of cannabis, in fact, the two have founded Beboe — an array of high-end THC and CBD blended products. Do they keep the cannabis under wraps with the kids around? Nah, not exactly. To Nova, 3, and Ozgood, 14 months, they’re growing up learning it’s no big deal — no more so than Mom or Dad sharing a bottle of wine.

“I don’t really hide it," Bell told Ember. "We wait until they go to bed, in the same way. We have a wine company too, Saved wine. We have the wine around and we have the Beboe around. It’s not mysterious. It’s nothing strange or weird or coveted.” 

Bell was quick to note that she isn’t smoking to get "fucked up." And that’s why she digs her company Beboe so much. “Its purpose is to enjoy the benefits and the more sort of sophisticated elements that the plant holds and can offer,” she said. “So I think of it like the rosé of weed.”

Bell is loving life as a working mom, but she admitted in an Instagram post that balancing work and motherhood is a challenge: "It’s my priority to be a good mommy, but secondly to fulfill my dreams as an artist. I struggle with it and I continue to work hard to not compromise either…though I don’t always win. But it’s worth it."

Keep living your best life, Lake. We’re loving your mama candor.

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