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Mistakes Everyone Makes At Weddings

With wedding season just around the corner, it may be useful to brush up on a few unspoken rules of the process. As a guest, you may assume that your main job is to show up and bring a suitable gift. But, there’s a few more things in the fine print that can help you avoid committing a major faux pas.

The first place to start is with gift etiquette. Rather than bringing a perfectly wrapped present to the wedding, mail it to the couple’s home within a year of the ceremony or bring it to the shower. The Spruce explains that it’s considered rude to bring it to the wedding because the last thing the bride and groom need is to coordinate a place to put gifts. While money in the form of checks and cash are okay, clunky gifts can cause problems to transport. Furthermore, it’s important to send a gift even if you don’t come to the wedding.

As for the ceremony, showing up late is a major no-no — obviously. It’s a good idea to get there at least 15 minutes early to mingle and get your seat before the music starts. But, a more common mistake comes from your phone. The outlet reports that taking pictures at the ceremony is a massive faux pas that can distract other guests at the wedding and step on the photographer’s toes.

RSVP early to each wedding invitation

There’s nothing worse than trying to plan for an event when you don’t know how many people are coming. When you get the wedding invitation, RSVP right away. It makes it difficult for the couple to plan out seating and food allocations without knowing how many guests they should prepare for, The Knot explains. Trust us, you want to avoid getting a phone call from the bride or groom asking if you’re coming.

Of course, only bring a guest if your invitation specified that you have a plus one or significant other. Adding a name to your RSVP without an invitation is considered incredibly rude, especially since wedding dinners can be really expensive. The Spruce also adds that getting drunk and requesting the microphone to make a toast isn’t a great look either and can really put a damper on the couple’s big day.

Finally, make sure your attire is wedding appropriate. If the dress code isn’t specified on the invitation, err on the side of caution and note the season the ceremony is taking place. You can also research the venue ahead of time to see what type of events they typically hold. The outlet recommends speaking with a member of the bridal party for more info if you’re still not sure.

Have fun at your weddings this year — and make sure you leave on a good note!

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