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The morning-after pill as emergency contraception: The need to observe

The most important facts about the “morning after” pill: France, Belgium, and Denmark – all of them have been around for years: the “morning-after pill” without a prescription. Now there is the emergency contraceptive, also in Germany. Everything you need to know for postcoital contraception with “PiDaNa” and “ellaOne”.

  • The "Pill danach" there are over-the-counter
  • In Germany, the preparations &quot are;PiDaNa" and "ellaOne" available
  • But Be Careful! The "Pill danach" is not a contraceptive and has side effects

The Federal Council has led the way for the over-the-counter "Pill danach" free. 13. March, 2015, he voted for the Amendment to the medicinal products regulation. Since 15. March 2015 can now be emergency contraceptive without a prescription by a doctor in the pharmacies. With the release of Germany as one of the last members of a recommendation by the EU pharmaceutical Committee.

These two preparations are available

After the policy, the way for a release of the "Pill danach" paved two preparations are available in Germany. "PiDaNa" interacts with the synthetic progestin hormone Levonorgestrel and can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected Sex. Since 2009, there is also "ellaOne" with the active ingredient ulipristal acetate (abbreviated to UPA), which is effective for up to five days after intercourse.

Pharmacies may "Pill danach" without a prescription make. The sale by the shipping trade, however, remains prohibited. This would delay the effect of the emergency contraception unnecessary.

The cost of the "Pill danach"

Depending on the preparation, the &quot costs;Pill danach" between 17 euros ("PiDaNa") and 35 Euro ("ellaOne"). The cost of the statutory health insurance funds reimburse only with a prescription and only for women up to 20 years.

So women get the "Pill danach"

Even if it is the "Pill danach" over-the-counter are: women should pick up the product in person in the pharmacy. Because you send to a prevention span, your Partner or any other Person, could refuse to the pharmacist, the publication explains the President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists, Andreas pine. This applies, for example, if the pharmacist had a doubt that it is an emergency or he believes the drug is misused.

The drug "on Vorrat" to submit, was not provided. "Girls under the age of 14 should be in the use of emergency contraception, medical advice. You do not get these medicines in self-medication." In addition, a consultation for the “morning-after pill was” important to clarify, whether taking a visit to the doctor is for the product Concerned is harmless or not, however, necessary, that of the pine. Best offer on

The "Pill danach" is not a contraceptive

The President of the chamber of pharmacists stressed the "Pill danach" was not a contraceptive and for emergency use only. They also offer like other contraceptives no one hundred percent protection against pregnancy.


The drug is more effective the sooner after Sex it is taken. The residual risk that a pregnancy arises, is below three percent. It interferes with the hormonal balance of the woman and postpones or prevents ovulation so that no fertilization can take place. Even after the "Pill danach" should couples prevent and women the normal pill more.

The egg should already be in the fallopian tube or in the uterus, prevents gynecologists States that neither the fertilization nor Implantation in the uterus.

Medical associations are sceptical in this respect. In a letter to the Federal Minister of health Hermann Gröhe, the doctors warned, the active ingredient UPA could have a large amount of driving effect. Only a UPA will taken tablet with the 30-milligram dose, was taking safe. But: "If UPA is used in higher doses and already there is a pregnancy, it can lead to an Abort, so to have an abortion and to life-threatening bleeding for the Frau", so Gröhe.

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Side effects

By taking the "Pill danach" a suspended cycle, increased menstrual flow and the emergence of spotting a threat. Also dizziness, headaches, feelings of tension in the chest, Nausea, or vomiting may occur. If you pass within about two to three hours after ingestion, the "Pill danach" may not be more.

Doubts as to effectiveness

Uncertainties exist regarding the efficacy in women weighing 75 kilograms. Of the two substances, the one not acting at all, "the other is from 95 kilos of problematisch", the tübingen University clinic, doctor, Diethelm wallwiener, President of the German society for gynecology and obstetrics, the FOCUS says.

In the case of the pharmacists, such concerns played no role. In a recommendation for action to their members, the Federal chamber of pharmacists writes, the "Pill danach" &quot could;regardless of the body weight or the Body Mass Index" be taken.