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Glasses in the mouth: An elderly woman looks confused and is talking about washed out – a stroke it is not

The older lady comes in the company of her son to the emergency room. Tüdelig his mother had become, somehow standing next to himself, according to the son. And also the older lady reported complaints: In your right Hand, you don’t have so much power. Your it is difficult the buttons of her blouse to close.

The Doctors, it is striking that the 82-Year-old speaks easily washed out. It’s summer, and the doctors believe, to know the reason for the complaint: Perhaps the lady has been drinking too little water. Lack of fluids occurs in the elderly more frequent in summer. It can lead to confusion.

The woman gets infusions and will be investigated. The Doctors want to rule out the possible cause of The slurred speech and the weaker Hand can be symptoms of a stroke. However, the investigations are unremarkable. The old lady seems to be in perfect health – no signs of a stroke.

After three days in the hospital the woman should be released to a rehab. But shortly before the final interview a nurse makes a strange observation. She immediately informed the doctor and saves the patient to the life.

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