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I Tried Everything in Lelo's $1,900 Sex Toy Suitcase — Here's My Honest Review

You may have heard of Lelo, the high-end sex toy company that Amber Rose swears by. I've tried many of the brand's products, including this oral sex stimulator, and have no complaints about any of them. However, with its new limited-edition 15th-anniversary line, Lelo has outdone itself. Packaged together in an all-black suitcase that James Bond himself would approve of are 12 kinky, BDSM-themed sex toys that are as gorgeous as they are orgasmic.

Let's get this out of the way: The collection, which is sold on, isn't cheap. It's available in black, priced at $1,924, or pink with a touch of 18 karat gold, for $7,995, which makes it by far the most expensive addition to my sex-toy collection yet. However, it's technically 12 toys in one, and considering you're getting a slew of vibrators, anal toys, kink equipment, and more that are all are designed with a touch of 18th-century elegance, if you have the means, it's a worthy investment.

The vibrators all use a USB cord for charging, so I did what any typical single submissive girl would do when tasked with reviewing 12 sex toys: I charged them all up, laid them on my bed, topped myself, and came over and over. Here's what to expect from each of the 12 toys, which include everything from G-Spot vibrators to a stunning eye mask and a telescopic crop.

What's comes in the suitcase?

The Lelo 15th Anniversary Collection is a gorgeous suitcase that includes 12 limited-edition items. Here's exactly what you can expect once you open it:

How are the vibrators?

The Volonete Massager is a straightforward vibrator that can be used for both internal and external massage. It has eight different sensations to choose from and is quiet but powerful. Out of every toy in the suitcase, this is the one I kept coming back to. I noticed that not only did it give me orgasms as strong as those I experience with a loud, noisy wand vibrator, but the orgasmic after-glow lasted forever in the best way possible. I just wanted to lie in bed feeling like heaven.

Then, there's the Sense Dual massager, which is a rabbit-style vibrator that hits your G-Spot and clit at the same time. It's as powerful as the Volonete, but rather than go back and forth or have to choose between external and internal massage, you get both at once.

Now, I must admit something here when it comes to the vibrators in this collection. Given that I was on my own through this process, I simply could not figure out how to use the Ax Multi Massager. It's hailed for its unique design, and it's absolutely beautiful, but I'll personally have to wait until the next person I'm interested in sharing sex toys with enters my life before I try it. Lelo itself calls the toy "intriguingly mysterious," and I suppose that it lived up to that description in my case.

What about the butt stuff?

The Fontanoso Graduating Beads are perfect for butt stuff newbies and anal experts alike. Personally, I'm a huge fan of anal beads, as you can insert one at a time and only need go up in size as much as you're comfortable with. If you're new to anal sex, use plenty of lube, and slowly insert them one by one.

As I relaxed and slid the feathers over my own naked body, I became
aroused thinking about what was going to come next.

Next, I tried out the Stureplan Plug, which is what I would describe as a medium-sized butt plug. It's noteworthy that neither the beads nor plug included in this collection vibrates, and while this isn't a bad thing, as some people prefer their anal toys to stay still, it's still worth mentioning in a review of the collection. I tried the plug after warming myself up with the beads in addition to clitoral stimulation (again, with lots of lube) because butt plugs can be intense.

If you've never tried a butt plug before, the Stureplan Plug might be a bit large for you. Sometimes people buy a butt plug as a beginner and make the mistake of going too big or using too little lube, and they ending up having a painful experience and swear off anal forever. I don't want this to happen to you, so only try this particular plug after your sphincter muscles are nice and relaxed and have been prepped with lube, fingers, a smaller-sized butt plug, or Lelo's graduating beads.

How hot are the kinky toys?

The Kie Eye Mask is the most fun part of the entire suitcase. If there was any way to actually see through it, I would wear it to every single party just because it's so fabulous. For partnered sex that involves blindfolds, you may sometimes end up worrying about how you look while your partner gazes upon you with kinky sex acts up their sleeve. With the Kie Eye Mask, you can rest assured that you'll look nothing short of a glamorous and high-end submissive. If you're a top, you'll get to admire just how pretty your sub looks.

Next, the Elena Shackles, which are intricately carved and continue the kinky elegance created by Lelo's eye mask. They are firm and heavy, so you really feel restrained, but they're also easy to safely remove should a safe word be uttered. Next is the Cannes Feather Teaser, which is made with super soft feathers that elicit anticipation. Even as I relaxed and slid the feathers over my own naked body, I became aroused thinking about what was going to come next.

If you're in a partnered d/s relationship, have the dominant partner first blindfold and handcuff the submissive partner, then use the Cannes Feather Teaser to focus on erogenous zones such as the nipples. Then, when you're both super turned on and your adrenaline is flowing, move onto using the more intense toys.

The Jarlsgatan Flogger, which is perfect for use on any area safe for impact play (such as the ass or thighs), delivers a thrilling, tingling ouch. As with all kinky play, negotiate your boundaries ahead of time when using this toy. If you just want some light teasing, the suede flogger tails give just a pinch of pain. The firm handle ensures the dominant partner has control over the toy, and if all parties want to go harder, consensually flog on a safe area until it stings and leaves a mark for you to admire for days to come.

While some impact play toys feel more tingly, paddles can give a sexy "thud," and the Rio Spanker definitely delivered. I used it on my own thigh and fell in love. Not sure if you're more into floggers, whips, or paddles? With a collection such as this, you can try them all.

And now, for my favorite impact play toy of the whole collection: the Hertz Telescopic Crop. A crop delivers a more concentrated whack than a paddle, and depending on how hard you use it, can sting as well. Use this during impact play, or try this trick a friend taught me: If you're ever going to a kink or sex party, bring a crop with you. Not only can it come in handy during sex, you can also whip it out if any creeps approach you. This particular crop is not only elegant but also telescopic, meaning it pulls out like a telescope, so you can fit it snug in your handbag and then extend it when it's time for use.

Does the Lelo 15th Anniversary Collection come with any extra surprises?

The suitcase also came with the brand's Dot Ben Wa Balls, which can help strengthen your pelvic floor. They're perfectly weighted and as elegant as everything else in the case, and if you have a vagina, you can either wear these on your own to work on your pelvic health, or to integrate them into kink, have your dominant partner set the rules for when, where, and how long you keep them in for.

Because Lelo knows how to keep sex comfortable, it's also tucked in a packet of its lube, which is safe to use with all toys and can be purchased online in a bigger bottle if you end up loving it. You can never use enough lube. Honestly, during masturbation, vaginal sex, and especially anal (as the rectum doesn't self-lubricate), my rule is this: Use so much lube that you think it's too much.

All in all, the 12 toys included in this gorgeous collection were definitely impressive and worth adding to any sex toy drawer. To give this BDSM-inspired set a try, head over to Lelo's website and grab a suitcase full of sex toys for yourself.

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