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I’m afraid

I’m in the 34. Weeks pregnant and have anxiety.

Fears in pregnancy are normal. Especially if it is the first child. The actually starts with the positive pregnancy test in Hand: Am I ready for a child? How will change the relationship to my Partner? What about my Job? The apartment is big enough? The child will come into the world healthy? These Fears are normal.


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The Corona is fear but an absolute exception. And the time, I was so looking forward very much overshadowed the protection of the Mother. Begins six weeks before the expected date of birth. Weeks, I wanted to spend in the cinema, in the pool and in the Café. With my round belly I wanted to watch with Popcorn in a comfortable red velvet armchair crooners, in the morning me weightless in the water and feel in my tracks – and, above all, soul was sitting quietly in a Café to read a book. But now everything is different.

I’m afraid of.

My Partner is not allowed in the delivery room?

Afraid of what will be available in six weeks. Afraid that my Partner may not be in the delivery room at the hospital. Afraid that it will be due to new infections, an even greater shortage of midwives. Fear that children’s doctors will be overloaded, because now all of the outpatient want to release.

And if this hurdle is overcome, then what is? My thoughts carousel revolves more: What if my midwife is sick? Who takes care of me in your bed? You will probably be the only Person, apart from my Partner, who can support me in this time. Because as of today, are not allowed us to visit the grandparents first. When will you get your grandchild for the first Time to face?

And that is just what it is. To show his Newborn to the family and closest friends. But Corona requires social distancing. For an infant, which is probably true even more. The Good, however: According to preliminary findings, babies are considered to be not at risk, and Pregnant women are as of today no-risk group. So far I’ve felt very well cared for, in a medical System that was, for me, of course. Then Corona and is accompanied by probably the greatest challenge of our time came.

The women are confused

Yesterday, I got off the phone with my midwife. She told me bluntly, it felt just like in the war: The women were feeling insecure. Your phone no longer stands still. They must protect themselves and may simultaneously infect anyone, because she has in the postpartum care of direct contact to infants and mothers. The work load is not enormous, since many women remain in hospital, but outpatient release.


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Which means that women choose to go directly to the birth home. Provided the mother and the child is well. This is due to the protective measures that have sick hit houses: the visit is in most homes until Further notice, prohibited. In obstetrics, there are exceptions. The father in the delivery room may, others have already completely under. The risk is just too great. Who is on the Week of the ward, may at most get an hour’s visit from the father, if at all.

Everything is on the Brink

That was a few weeks ago, unimaginable. On the contrary, even: the birth of the stations to promote the Bonding between father and child, there are family room, so that the fathers are also allowed to stay the night. And that the father is in the birth in the delivery room at the hospital, is now the rule. You will even be actively involved: they support the midwives, to massage the partner or to talk to her well. Due to the Coronavirus that is now on the Brink.

And also my Partner is concerned. Still, we laugh because we imagine how we transfer the birth via Facetime. The situation is serious.

Up to the date of birth it is six weeks.

As previously the situation is, nobody knows. What remains is the fear of the unknown.

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