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I’ve heard that your height is based on genetics. My dad is 5’11, my mom is 5’8, and I’m 5’7. But I know so many kids that are taller than their parents! Is height only about your genes?

There are formulas that are often used to estimate a young person’s adult height, however the results are not always reliable. In fact the results often vary by 4 inches (either way). The reality is that environmental factors, mostly nutrition, also play a key role in helping an adolescent reach their potential height.

How to calculate your estimated height in inches:

Add your mom and dad’s height in inches or centimeters. Add 5 inches (for guys) or subtract 5 inches (for girls). Then divide by 2.

Example (for guys): 5’11” = 71 inches, and 5’8″ = 68 inches. 71 inches + 68 inches= 139 inches, plus 5 (for guys) = 144, then divide by 2= 72 inches. You will likely be close to 72 inches or 6ft, give or take 4 inches.

If you are calculating using the Metric system:

Add your mom and dad’s height in centimeters. Add 13 centimeters for boys or subtract 13 centimeters for girls. Divide by 2= your estimated height, give or take 10 centimeters.

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