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Long wait times and surgeries due to the lack of laboratories in the doctor of This Hospital goes the other way

In a nondescript flat roofing one of the most important departments of the münster St. Francis hospital: the center of excellence for Microbiology and Hygiene is. Chef Wolfgang Treder and his Team take on the daily fight against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

“In the case of bacteria and viruses, it is always a matter of time”

Per day around 1000 samples of patients arrive in the laboratory – for example, blood, urine and swabs. In the Department of five Physicians, 15 medical-technical assistants and four hygiene professionals. Such a lab in the house, specialist doctors, go on Rounds in the hospital landscape is something Special.

Many clinic-based companies for reasons of cost, to external laboratories as a service provider. “This means, however, other ways and loss of time. But in the case of bacteria and viruses, it is always a matter of time. Otherwise, it may be that the infection overwhelms the patient,” says Treder.

“Speed can save lives.” The device provides a division for the over 4000 beds, for Treder “a clear commitment”. The man in front of go. “Our laboratory is in a good Situation,” he says, “we don’t have to make profits at any price. Our Christian carrier says: plus/minus zero ranges. The goal of the Well-being of the patient and not the maximum return is, first and foremost.” Service to the patient instead of cost pressure, efficiency improvement and streamlining. The equipment, speed and team work to make the Department’s flagship project. She was awarded in 2018 with the price of the action Alliance for patient safety.

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