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This Is How Many Hours It Takes To Fix A Marriage

According to Counsellor Michael Myerscough, a broken marriage can be fixed in time, about nine hours time, actually.

“When a couple comes in with something specific (to work on) we can generally get that resolved in about nine hours,” he told

But if someone in the relationship has cheated, you’re going to need a bit longer in the counsellor’s chair.

“If it’s an infidelity it’s going to take twice that.”

The therapist, who has been working with couples for two decades, believes infidelity affects a significant proportion of relationships in Australia.

According to Sexual Health Australia it’s an issue within 70 per cent of Australian marriages, but Myerscough told that considering some were unlikely to admit their philandering, it’s probably around 80 per cent.

If you and your partner make up that percentage, Sexual Health Australia says that for the relationship to survive four ‘ifs’ need to be met:

If both partners are willing to be patient
If the unfaithful partner is willing to change
If the other partner is willing to forgive
If the couple is willing to confront the issues that may have given rise to the affair

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