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Paulina Porizkova Says She Looks 'Hot' In These Nude Photos for 'LA' Magazine

Paulina Porizkova has been exactly the opposite of shy in recent months. The "accidental former supermodel," as she calls herself, has repeatedly taken to Instagram this past year to post various bikini photos (and a few nude ones)—mainly to talk about aging in the public eye.

Now, 56-year-old Porizkova is taking her nude photos to a bigger medium: magazine covers. She's featured nude (though covered up by a cover line) on the September issue of Los Angeles magazine. Fittingly enough to Porizkova's past messaging, the cover line providing her coverage reads, "In With the Olds!"

"I am very proud to be on the cover and a part of this LA Magazine issue on ageism," she began the caption of her post, shared to Instagram Thursday. "We are doing much better in celebrating beauty that comes in many different sizes and colors, but age is still something to be conquered."

Throughout the cover story, Porizkova is photographed nude a handful of times, wearing nothing but a pair of red high heels, with her blonde-gray hair covering her breasts. In the interview, she speaks about how her photos on Instagram have been received.

"Most of the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive," she told the magazine. "But the negative ones have been so mean." She said people have called her "desperate" and told her, "It's time to retire, grandma." But that's not at all how Porizkova felt. "I looked at those pictures of myself without makeup and without clothes, and I just thought, 'Hey, I look pretty good for my age,'" she said.

Photos like those—ones that showed the "details of [her] age"—made the former supermodel even more popular on Instagram. According to the magazine, Porizkova's Instagram account skyrocketed, going from just 12,000 followers in the beginning of 2020 to more than 475,000 today. "I think people were sort of craving that authenticity," she said.

Porizkova shared the link to the cover story in her Instagram bio, so her followers could see "more hot photos of me," she wrote in the caption. She also had a strongly worded message for anyone who doesn't quite agree with her social media efforts.

"For all of you who have an issue with an older woman celebrating her body and age, there is an unfollow button," she wrote. "Don't make an ass out of yourself by showing us all you don't know how to use it."

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