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Tourist suffers serious burns by Henna-Tattoo – experts warn

Brooke Crannaford want to indulge during your holiday in Egypt and was, therefore, a Henna Tattoo applied. Actually, the decorations should disappear on your skin after some time. But the holiday fun was for the Australian to be a real health hazard. Almost she would have lost even a Finger.

“After a few hours it started to itch, in the 24 hours after that it was getting worse and worse,” said the 25-Year-old Australian news portal, “Yahoo News”. The incident occurred in November, now Crannaford went with their story to the Public. Soon she lost the feeling in the fingers, in the hospital, it was finally found to be a bacterial infection of your skin as well as burns second and third degree burns on your Hand.

Experts warn of Henna Tattoos on holiday

Fortunately, the story went on for Crannaford got off rather lightly. “I was lucky that I lost no fingers,” she said. After three weeks, she was able to remove the bandage for another week, she went back to work. Caused the reaction by the so-called “black Henna”, which was used for the Tattoo. Usually Henna Tattoos contain only natural, plant-based substances. Black Henna, however, contains chemical additives.

Crannaford had her Tattoo of a native wife, for – as she says – only five dollars. Experts warn to be on vacation the body with Henna Tattoos to decorate. These look nice, can trap in the worst but, as in the case of Brooke Crannaford, lead to serious health hazards. The action “The Safe house” recommends, among other things, to pay attention to the color. In contrast to the black, dangerous Henna the natural Henna is reddish brown.

Sources: “Yahoo News” / The Action The Safe House

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