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Why has a ten-year-old high blood pressure?

First of all the diagnosis, it seems that the Nigerian medical doctors is clear: The young patient who periodically suffers from heavy sweating and headache, you must have Malaria. For several months the ten year plague, the symptoms again and again. She has no appetite and is getting thinner and thinner.

About a year passes, in which the child is repeatedly treated in a hospital as a Malaria patient, without his condition improving. Finally, the Doctors had to transfer the girl to the teaching hospital, Ido-Ekiti in southwest Nigeria.

There, the children of doctors go through precisely what sort of complaints has the ten-year-old. Their headaches she describes as strong and throbbing. You are at the right temporal region of particularly pronounced. Passed do not need to the child when the headache attacks, instead it has a lawn with two other symptoms: profuse sweating and heart.

In the evening, you’re sweating the most

The child is sweating, regardless of physical activity, this is most pronounced in the evening hours. The ten-year-old has no fever and no chills. Again and again your heart race a bit first, then faster, before it returns back to a normal rhythm. In the last half a year the girl has eaten little and is emaciated. The child is also exhausted quickly.

The young patient has at the time of admission to the hospital is actually under weight, the Doctors Olarinde Jeffrey Ogunmola in the “American Journal of Case Reports”. Her pulse is 100 beats per Minute, which is normal for her age. However, the blood pressure is significantly increased, as the physicians with multiple measurements on both arms – he is between 180 to 120 and 200 to 120.

Blood pressure values

The Doctors want to bring the blood pressure with the tablets in the normal range, but that does not succeed initially, although you can try it with three different drug classes. The children’s doctors to pull a cardiologist in the treatment and give more drugs, one of which is also directly into the blood. After five days, the blood pressure of the child in the case of 92 to 68.

What has driven the blood pressure in such a way in the height?

The doctors test the blood and urine of the child, all the values are normal. On an x-ray image of the chest of the so-called aortic knob is enlarged, which may be related to the high blood pressure together.

An ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, when the Doctors, however, are some of the right kidney. A computer tomography confirmed that in the kidney, a Tumor grows. The girl is in surgery, the kidney is removed. Both the lymph nodes and the left kidney are not affected and remain intact.

An analysis of the removed tissue shows that there is a so-called renal cell carcinoma. This is the most common form of cancer in the kidney, in children it occurs very rarely. In addition, this cancer in children is usually noticed by the fact that blood in the urine, or you are suffering from pain in the right abdominal area. Both was not in the ten years of the case.

High blood pressure is also one of the possible consequences of a renal cell carcinoma. After the surgery, the blood pressure falls for the girl, the drugs can be discontinued. After five days the patient is discharged from the hospital.