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World-wide recall of dangerous breast implants

Because of the increased risk of cancer of the breast implants of the pharmaceutical company called Allergan back in the world. In about 500 cases of a rare cancer related to the implants was observed, such as the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) on Wednesday (local time) said.

“A recall is appropriate, in order to protect the health of women,” said the FDA. Women who have no complaints, but it is not recommended to have your implants removed. The first signs of a disease could be the FDA, according to swelling or pain in the area of the implant.

Breast implants the Biocell series

The recall relates to a number of breast implants the Biocell series of the manufacturer. “The health of the patients for the Allergan’s priority,” said the Ireland-based company. The rest of the Allergan breast implants from the ranks Natrelle and Microcell are not affected, therefore, of the recall. Allergan is listed on the New York stock exchange.

An analysis of the FDA, nearly 500 women breast implants of the company Allergan had of the around 600 patients suffering from the rare lymphoma BIA ALCL,. So far, there had been 33 deaths in consequence of cancer, so the FDA.

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