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Frankie the Pug steals the show in this aw-inducing clip! – Fetch! Pet Care

Frankie the Pug is ready for his close-up! I have to give Frankie some credit for trying so hard to play with the camera. Whenever my dogs are doing something cute and I pull out my camera to take video, they immediately stop and look at me with a “not now” look.

I long to get some video that makes everyone say, “awwww”. I’m certainly never lucky enough to have my dogs play with me and the camera like little Frankie does, it’s like he’s beaconing the camera, saying “come on, play with me”.

There are times I’m tempted to set up a hidden camera in my house to see what my pets are up to when I’m away.  One of my favorite video is from a person in Russia who set up a camera and caught the pure joy of an adult husky playing with puppies. With my luck, I’d be like this guy and come home to find my bed gone, well, not so much gone as just dismantled!

I hope Frankie’s parents make more videos, he is simply unforgettable. In the meantime, I’ll keep trying to get some of my dog’s cute antics on video to share.

Do you have a favorite video of your pet?

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