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Purina® Presents a #BetterWithPets Story — Stephen, Puppi & Burma – Fetch! Pet Care

As a veteran of the Iraq War, Stephen Simmons has experienced some difficulties adjusting back into civilian life again. His PTSD resulted in a rollercoaster of emotions, sometimes making normal everyday things a significant challenge. One of the things that Stephen has been most grateful for is that he’s not alone on this journey. His dog, Puppi and his cat, Burma have given him the will to make things better, not only for their lives but also for his.

Stephen recognized that pets can be therapeutic in so many ways. Even though there were some days where he didn’t want to get up and do anything for himself, he was still compelled to rise above it so that he could provide Puppi & Burma with a better way of

Puppi & Burma continue to inspire Stephen to get outside and enjoy his appreciation and love for nature via trail running & hiking. Like most pets, they have an instinctual ability to absorb our bad days and amplify our good days. And in doing so Stephen’s pets have helped him see past the darkness and focus on hope. They’ve helped to improve his state of mind and underline the fact that he’s not alone.

Our pets are there for us every day. They love us unconditionally, and as their best friends we aim to keep them happy & healthy so that you both can live well together. Join our fan community and team of trusted experts in promoting the bond between people and their pets.

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