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Looking for a Sweet Treat? Jelly Bean May Be Your Girl!

Say hello to Los Angeles native, Jelly Bean! Jelly Bean is a very calm but fun and affectionate kitty. She is friendly around new people and loves to cuddle, basically, she is the perfect cat for someone looking for a love bug to spoil!

Jelly Bean enjoys lots of pets and attention. If you’re relaxing, she’s relaxing—either on your lap or right next to you. She’ll even sit behind you in your chair while you’re working or hop on your desk to “supervise” your work. Though don’t let her needy antics fool you, Jelly Bean can also be independent when she needs to, and does well by herself and napping throughout the day. She often finds funny spots to sleep like a shoe box in the closet.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a great conversationalist, Jelly Bean is the one for you. She is always happy to keep you up to date on all the latest trends and celebrity gossip. She makes cute little meows, chirps and trills, and will let you know when she wants pets, food or a lap to lay in. She loves soft blankets and will often make biscuits and purr when she’s happy. 

Jelly Bean is very adventurous, curious and enjoys playing. She loves her toy mice and will tap them around the house with her paws, or chase and pounce on her feather wand toys. She’ll also randomly bolt and run around for no reason, which is hilarious to see. Jelly Bean loves catnip and will often roll around to show her belly when she’s feeling happy.

Jelly Bean would love to be adopted into a home where she can have lots of areas to explore or lounge around, and with a family who can give her lots of love and affection.

If Jelly Bean sounds like the perfect sweet treat for you, check out her profile to complete an application!

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