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Mini Pig + Pug = an Adorable Love-Fest

Instant cuteness is what happens when a mini pig and a pug meet for the very first time. While these animals would not ordinarily pal around together, there is no doubt that these fast friends will have plenty of playdates in the future. Quite curious about each other at first, it is heartwarming to see two adorable little animals be so carefree in getting to know one another.

The mini pig’s name is Otis and his pudgy playmate the pug is named Bella. When their owners introduced them to one another, who could have imagined such a strong and interesting reaction? And who would have thought that their loving bond would have happened so quickly? We are just glad that their first meet-and-greet was captured on tape and that their owners were thoughtful enough to share it with the rest of the world. There is nothing more fun to witness than two cuddly little creatures getting all kissy-face with each other, right?

Animals can teach us so much about what is important in life…and not just to a pig and a pug, but to all! Videos like this one not only melt our hearts, but serve to remind us what pure love and joy can look like when differences are ignored in favor of just having a good time together. We sincerely hope that Otis and Bella the pug make more videos, but for now this one serves the good purpose of causing smiles in all who watch. Be sure to spread the love when you’re done watching by taking the extra step of sharing this most adorable love-fest with everyone you know.


Do you have a video of two different animals becoming instant buds? We’d love to watch if you will be so kind as to share them with us!

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