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Best Holiday Gifts For Your Pet – Fetch! Pet Care

The holidays are here and it feels like “the most wonderful time of the year”! This is a great opportunity to remember what is truly important, and our pets certainly make that list.  In honor of the pets we’ve put together a list of the best pet gifts, so you can show your pet just how grateful you are for them!  We’ve created a list for both dog and cat lovers.

Dog Holiday Wish List

Our doggie wish list starts with the essential soggy doggy door matt. This magical door matt can tackle even the biggest wet messes! They offer assorted colors and patterns to blend in with any home décor.

Click here for Soggy Doggy door matt

Next on our list is another basic essential: the Flik-it ball launcher. This isn’t your average ball launcher, the Flik-it arm pivots to increase power, accuracy and range, all while reducing your joint and muscle strain.

Click here for Flik-it ball launcher

If you’re not able to make it to the park, keep your dog busy with the Bionic Bone. Your dog will be busy for hours!  Bionic Bone is built with super sturdy rubber, and designed to fit the curvature of your canine’s mouth – this will keep even the most aggressive chewer occupied!

Click here for Bionic Bone

Now for a little fun, we’ve included The Illuminated Leash on our list. This fun light-up leash will brighten any evening or early morning walk.  The light is visible for one quarter mile away, helping you keep safe and look cool all at the same time!

Click here for The Illuminated Leash

Last but not least, if you’re having any formal events at your home this bow tie collar will make sure your pooch is dressed to impress! For fun outings you may choose the skull and bones design, or for a formal get together pinstripes may fit the bill! In any case this bow tie collar is a must!

Click here for Bow Tie collar

Cat Holiday Wish List:

Now for our favorite cat gifts! We think the holidays should have the perfect balance of play and rest. That’s why we’ve chosen this cat trapeze. The suspended design challenges cats to climb to the top—then provides a comfortable place to rest! We think every cat will love this cat trapeze.

Click here for Cat Trapeze

Next on our list is fun, yet practical. Every cat needs a place to scratch, why not make it enjoyable at the same time? This Cat Scratch DJ Deck lets your cat scratch records on a turn table for hours of fun and laughs.

Click here for Cat Scratch DJ Deck

If you’re cat is more of a lounging kitty, this is the perfect gift for them! This bamboo hammock is made with eco-friendly materials, offers a unique sleeping surface, is stain resistant and has a reversible cover.

Click here for Bambu Hammock

While you’re out holiday shopping, this great DVD will keep your kitty company. This DVD is designed to keep your cat’s attention without being too repetitive. They may not even know you’re gone!

Click here for DVD for Cats: While you’re away

Last but not least is the Senses Play Circuit. This toy incorporates your cat’s sound, touch and sight senses for a dynamic playing experience!  By engaging with your cat’s natural hunting instincts your cat will be busy playing for hours!

Click here for Senses Play Circuit

Whichever gift you decide to give your pet we know it will be a special time of year. Here at Fetch! Pet Care, we wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday!

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