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THIS Is Your Sign to Finally Adopt a Cat!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a cat, right now is the time! There are so many cats and kittens in shelters across the country looking for homes, and they’re looking at you to change their lives. This summer, we’re working with our friends at ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter to help get our available cats into loving homes. Who knows that home may just be with you!

Ready to take the dive? 

Meet Our Adoptable Tri-State Cats: 


Handsome Hayworth is a beautiful two-year-old kitty with an adventurous spirit. Once he feels comfortable, you can find him sunbathing or on the hunt for some tasty treats. He’s seeking a quiet home where he can get all the cheek and head pets his heart desires. If you think Hayworth could be your new leading man, check out his profile to complete an application! 


Queen of the castle and conqueror of our hearts, Pippa is sure to steal the spotlight wherever she goes! Sweet, curious Pippa spends her day birdwatching, grooming herself in the tub and playing with wand toys and toy mice. Pippa lets out little meows to let you know she’s looking for chin scratches and body pets—she’ll even roll onto her back to ask for more. Want to take this ray of sunshine home? Check out her profile to complete an application!

Meet Our Adoptable Los Angeles Cats: 


Say hello to Kira! This affectionate lap cat will never turn down an opportunity to cuddle—her love of snuggles always outweighs her shy side. Once she has come out of her shell, Kira has lots of kitten energy and loves playing with both her human and cat buddies equally. She especially loves wand toys that she can chase and catch. Ready to give this sweet kitty a loving home? Check out Kira’s profile to complete an application! 


Meet not-so-bashful Bashir! Bashir is a kitty with just the right balance of friendly, independent and playful. He loves a good chin scratch and will happily curl up beside you, but he’s also very capable of entertaining himself—in the goofiest, cutest way possible! Want to make Bashir’s dreams of getting adopted come true? Check out his profile to complete an application! 

Douglas Fur

It may not be Christmas yet, but every day is the most wonderful time of the year with Douglas Fur! This handsome boy can be shy at first and it takes him some time to adjust to new people, but once he’s comfortable, he becomes quite the social butterfly! He loves to play with all types of toys but especially laser toys, feather wands and anything that makes a sound. Give Douglas Fur the gift of a lifetime—a home! Check out his profile to complete an application!

If you don’t live near these locations, there are more adorable cats ready to be adopted at your local shelter!

If you’re not ready to adopt, there’s another way to help! You can still make a big impact for kitties like these by becoming a foster caregiver. You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, Ohio, Weaverville, North Carolina (dog fosters only), New York City and Los Angeles.

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