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This Married Woman’s Incredible Response To A Cheating Husband Has Gone Viral

When a married woman was messaged by a man asking her if she would like to “go out sometime,” initially, she was flattered. 

She replied in a polite manner, saying that she was married, but if she wasn’t he did genuinely seem like “a catch.” 

However, she was seriously mistaken.

After clarifying she was indeed taken, the man responded. And it will make your skin crawl.

“OK so am I but we just won’t tell. It will be fun lol,” he wrote.

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After at first ignoring the creep, the woman was prompted by a crying face emoji (really?) before she replied with an incredible shut down message. 

“When I got diagnosed with cancer last year I didn’t have the heart to tell my boys (whom I have always protected) that I could die” she started.

“My husband had to look in their eyes and say that I was sick. He subsequently took care of me during multiple surgeries, emptying drainage bags, giving me blood thinner shots, holding my hand while I was in pain an going to get chemo infusions.”

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“During this time there was a song lyric that would constantly loop in my head “Love is watching someone die.” So my question to you is… Who is going to watch you die?”

She finished with simply: “Get your house in order and please stop messaging me.”

After sharing the sleazy messages to the picture sharing website Imgur, along with the caption: “Unless you’re ready for the BOOM! Please excuse my typos as I was a little heated,” the post has gone viral.

“Brutal. Love it,” one person wrote below the screenshots. 

“Appropriate response and what a bastard,” someone else replied.

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