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Triumphant Titan Wants to Conquer the World with You!

Looking for a tri-state area climbing partner to scale Mount Olympus with you? Titan is ready and willing to be at your side!

Here at the Adoption Center, we’re giant fans of Titan—and for good reason! Though he’s a big fellow, he won’t pull you up the mountain or down the block. He’s far more interested in stopping to smell the roses and enjoy being outside in the lovely spring weather. He’s sweeter than ambrosia!

Titan is a people-oriented pup who doesn’t like to be left alone, so he would benefit from a patient adopter who is able to devote their time, giving him all the attention he needs. He’s also as big and strong as you’d expect from a doggy deity, so he’d do best in a home without younger children (teens and up would be best).

We are sure that when you meet Titan, you’ll want to add him to your pantheon! When adopting him, a Matchmaker can share housetraining tips and help you set him up for success in your home!

If you live in the tri-state area and think Titan is the divine canine for you, check out his profile to submit an application!

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