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Better vaccines are in our blood

Red blood cells do more than shuttle oxygen from our lungs to our organs: they also help the body fight off infections by capturing pathogens on their surfaces, neutralizing them, and presenting them to immune cells in the spleen and liver. Now, a team of researchers from Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and […]

Health News

Scientists around the world are already fighting the next pandemic

If a two-year-old child living in poverty in India or Bangladesh gets sick with a common bacterial infection, there is more than a 50% chance an antibiotic treatment will fail. Somehow the child has acquired an antibiotic resistant infection—even to drugs to which they may never have been exposed. How? Unfortunately, this child also lives […]

Kids Health

Super Cute Baking Tools That Are Designed for Little Hands

If your little one is inquisitive and always asking questions about the process of making cupcakes, they might enjoy their own baking tools. It’ll give them a sense of responsibility and ownership of what they’re making—even if it is with your help and supervision. They have their own tools and don’t need to use all […]