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Which Popular Fall Plants Are Safe for Pets?

Though we are already a few weeks into fall, if you’re still asking where summer went, you’re not alone! It’s hard enough keeping up with seasons changing in what seems like the blink of an eye, so it may be even harder for pet parents to keep track of what plants are safe to have […]

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Kids’ COVID-19 vaccines are available. So why are parents’ concerns still so high?

The conventional wisdom among pandemic researchers was that vaccine-hesitant parents would come around once federal authorities green-lit COVID-19 shots for children. But, as a new study shows, that hasn’t happened. Parents actually have even more concerns about vaccines, catching researchers by surprise. Parents registered high levels of worry across the board, with more than half […]

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If You’re A Libra, These Are Careers You Should Consider

Libras, who enter the world between September 23 and October 22, have many strong and admirable traits that can help them out in life and, more specifically, in the workplace. For instance, they go out of their way to help others, making them a fan favorite for group projects and collaborative tasks. They are known […]

Health News

Are stillbirths more common in women infected with COVID?

COVID-19 is surging in U.S. states with low vaccination rates, and these places may also be seeing a higher-than-usual number of stillbirths linked to the virus. While the number of stillbirths is still very low nationally, doctors in the deep South have noticed increases in stillbirths, NBC News reported. One of those states is Alabama. […]

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90 Rescued Dogs Are On the Road to Recovery

In May, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of more than 90 dogs from a dilapidated, single-wide trailer in Ohio. Many of the dogs were found with untreated medical conditions like skin infections, severe vision impairment, open wounds and bite marks. Some were found pregnant, and many were extremely fearful. Since the rescue, the dogs […]

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Intermediaries are negotiating good drug prices, but lack incentives to pass savings to beneficiaries and taxpayers

Intermediaries are negotiating good drug prices but lack the incentives to pass savings to beneficiaries and taxpayers, study finds AUSC study comparing Medicare Part D prescription drug prices with those paid by Costco members finds that the federal government overpaid on roughly half of the most common generic medicines in 2018. The findings suggest that […]

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Are You Looking for a Valentine?

Valentine, aka Val, is a social little guy who loves attention, is very smart, outgoing and playfully curious. He takes some time to warm up to people but once he does, he will be your best friend! Val loves to play with toys–including pipe cleaners, string and feather wand toys, balls and laser pointers–and other […]