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If You’re A Libra, These Are Careers You Should Consider

Libras, who enter the world between September 23 and October 22, have many strong and admirable traits that can help them out in life and, more specifically, in the workplace.

For instance, they go out of their way to help others, making them a fan favorite for group projects and collaborative tasks. They are known for their intellect, which comes in handy, no matter the role, position, or industry. They are friendly and charming, making friends with ease, and their adaptability is a nice thing to have since many careers come with their fair share of curveballs. They also are all about balance, which means that any confrontation (with a coworker, employer, or client/customer) will be a struggle for them. But this trait means they put fairness first, too, and that is so admirable!

Based on all of this, what types of jobs should Libras consider? Read on to find out.

Jobs that help people reach agreements and decisions are great for Libras

Since those born between September 23 and October 22 are collaborative and kind and bring a strong sense of business to their work, as stated by ZipRecruiter, these are some possible careers.

Libra is Latin for scales, and this symbol is synonymous with this zodiac sign and it being all about balance (via That being said, careers that focus on hearing different sides of stories and helping people reach agreements are great options, such as a counselor, a wedding planner, and a lawyer or judge, as suggested by Love to Know. Due to a Libra’s charm, energy, and desire to help others, another idea from is a motivational speaker or a guidance counselor.

There are also jobs that Libras may want to avoid, since they might not work well with their traits. For instance, according to YourTango, these types could struggle with working as casting director, who have to crush dreams of others and who cannot give everyone a fair chance.

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