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Four Quick Hair Fixes For Your Workout Woes

Solve your workout hair woes

Celebrity fitness blogger, Laura Dundovic knows how to maintain healthy shiny hair despite regular workouts in the outdoor elements “When my hair is healthy, it gives me a boost of confidence in everything I do,” says Dundovic, adding that “when my whole body feels good- my skin, my complexion, my hair – I have the motivation to work harder, and feel stronger and happier.”

Dundovic shares her expert tips so you can spend more time focusing on those abs and less time on unruly hair.

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Workout woe #1: From wet to wiry

While all hair texture suffers from some form of frizz throughout the season, emerging from the pool or taking a dip in the sea after a freestyling sesh can leave your hair feeling wiry, and chalky, and the last thing you want is to comb through a knotted mess.

Begin the war on wiry strands with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner and follow up with the expert’s no-fail trick to get back healthy, shiny hair – an ultra-hydrating hair mask. “My go-to product is Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Intensive Hair Masque,” explains Dundovic. “Every three days, I apply a generous amount of it in my hair, leave it to absorb for three minutes and then rinse thoroughly. This gives my hair the extra hydration it needs, leaving it feeling healthy, nourished and manageable.” 

To avoid disrupting the hair cuticle, instead of rough drying with a towel, squeeze it tightly around your head to soak up excess moisture and let it dry naturally for a shiny, bouncy, babe-worthy result.


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Workout woe #2: Sweaty oily strands

There’s nothing more satisfying than working up a sweat and feeling like you’ve given it your all during a bootcamp session. But when your natural hair oils mix with sweaty workouts or even slight perspiration, locks can start to look and feel greasy and grimy. Not quite the look your fit and fabulous self is going for.

If you’re planning on working out during your lunch break and don’t have time for a full shampoo and condition, have a back up plan. “A dry shampoo is my saving grace after I workout,” says Dundovic. “I quickly spray some in my hair to instantly absorb sweat-induced oils. I even like to use it before I workout to prevent excessive sweat from saturating my whole head.”

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Workout woe #3: Limp locks and no bounce

Dundovic admits: “My hair is naturally straight so it goes limp and lifeless in humidity.” If you’re like our fitness guru, humidity during the hot summer months can wreak havoc on your hair.

“For me, it all comes down to having healthy hair and to achieve this, I make sure I use a good quality shampoo and to keep it moisturised and manageable.” If she’s just finished a hardcore workout, Dundovic chooses Pantene’s Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner. Both inject moisture into the hair’s core to repair and protect against damage- giving noticeably stronger, shinier hair.

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Workout woe #4: It’s on the inside that counts

The other key ingredient to maximising a shiny and bouncy mane is ensuring you have a healthy and well balanced diet. Dundovic reveals: “I love to eat a lot of fresh salads and love recipes that include fruits. I drink lots of water and whip up nutritious smoothies which make a great impact on my body.”

Great hair starts from the inside so pack plenty of essential omega-3 fats such as salmon and loads of greens which you can drink up in a delicious green smoothie post-workout. Just add spinach, kale and lettuce into your blender and some apple and coconut water to sweeten it up.

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