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Man buys 'zero-waste' bamboo toothbrushes but they arrive wrapped in plastic

The irony of eco-friendly products being delivered in wasteful packaging is lost on no one.

Even a book about scrapping plastic arrives in unnecessary plastic, which can make buyers feel fed up.

One man who purchased non-plastic toothbrushes was disappointed to find them wrapped in plastic. And to top if off, each brush was individually wrapped.

Joe Williams bought bamboo brushes and was astonished to see the packaging.

Writing on Facebook, the self-employed dad from Essex wrote ‘we can only try’.

The pack-of-four is sold on Amazon where it’s advertised as being zero-waste and eco-friendly.

But Joe’s delivery was plenty wasteful.

On the website, it describes the products as ‘Toothbrushes handcrafted from the finest Mao bamboo, which is natural, biodegradable and sustainable.

‘Once you’ve finished with your toothbrush, the PBT bristles are recyclable. The handle is reusable in arts and crafts, or use it to guide a young garden plant, or carve yourself some wood chopsticks!

‘You’ll get the same clean sensation you’d get from any plastic toothbrush without harming the environment!’

So you can imagine Joe’s confusion at the whole thing.

He told ‘I actually laughed when they arrived, I had ordered a few things at the time and was expecting to feel a box in the packaging.

‘When I opened the packaging to find four loose toothbrushes wrapped in plastic I was unimpressed.

‘I had purposely spent longer ordering these particular toothbrushes as they were featured in a cardboard box on the amazon listing.’

Joe added that he’d read the reviews beforehand and they’d mentioned cardboard packaging.

He continued: ‘I had to check to make sure that I had ordered the correct ones. I’m not entirely sure what happened.

‘I tried doing my bit for the planet but can’t help but feel this was counterproductive.’

Online, the item is listed as biodegradable, BPA free and ‘perfect for eco gifts for home and travel’.

We’ve contacted Amazon asking for more details on the issue.

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