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This Leg Waxing Video Is Your New Pimple-Popping Video

If you’ve ever had your legs waxed, you know it’s one of those things that should really only occur under general anaesthesia. And if you’ve never had it done, you probably still think it’s scary AF.

Enter The Slo Mo guys. The folks famous for YouTube videos featuring slow-mo explosions now have a new vid that features a leg getting waxed in slow motion—and it’s as terrifying as you’d imagine.

Luckily, this isn’t happening to you, so it’s pretty entertaining to watch. In the video, The Slo Mo guys film their legs getting waxed—complete with adorable British expletives like “bugger!”—and play it back at 28,000 fps (i.e. super-slow motion).

In the playback, you can actually see hairs being ripped out, one by one, as well as skin being lifted up. It’s amazing and disturbing all at once. It’s basically on the level of all those pimple-popping videos we can’t turn away from. See for yourself:

BTW: Next time someone raises an eyebrow at your pre-waxing glass of wine, just show them this video.

This article was originally published on Women’s Health US.

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